I’m Just A Lucky So And So!

What makes us lucky? This is something Derren Brown set out to answer in his show The Secret of Luck.

To be lucky is something we can all enjoy. It’s a matter of ‘state’ and something within your grasp now. It’s a simple psychological phenomenon in activating our Reticular Activating System (RAS). Simply put, ‘to be lucky’ is all about being open to opportunity. Think about the last time you walked to the corner shop for some milk. How much money did you find en route? Were you even looking? Or, open to the possibility of finding money? Was your mind elsewhere and not ‘in the now?? Next time you walk to the shop I invite you to go hunting for money! I bet you’ll find some lying in the grass, in phone boxes, in the gutter, on the shop floor. So what’s different? The difference is that you’re looking out for something and that you believe you’ll find something.

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