That meme about automatic weapons and cheeses is wrong. Stop using it.

I support gun control but I see this meme constantly and it’s wrong for three reasons:

1) Automatic weapons *are* illegal for private citizens to own. Automatic = keeps shooting when you hold down the trigger. Semi-automatic = shoots each time you pull the trigger.

2) Most of the guns in the picture are not automatic weapons — it includes automatics, semi-automatics, and even shotguns which are neither.

3) Most offensively, those cheeses aren’t banned except in the case that they are unpasteurized and aged less than six months.

Pretty much every part of this meme is wrong. The only way it could be worse is if those cheeses were mislabeled or not french, which honestly wouldn’t surprise me either. If you have people believing Camembert is illegal they will believe anything.

Because it is false and polarizing, the meme is counter-productive.

To gun control advocates it gives false confidence and bad arguments which would hurt them if they have to actually argue their position to someone who disagrees.

To gun advocates, it reinforces the perception that gun owners don’t know what they’re talking about.

To people who like cheese, it paints a disturbingly negative portrait of the availability of their beloved dairy products.

I believe guns should be regulated, and gun control memes also.