women have a right to hate men
Anthony James Williams

I have a right to sovereignty of person.

That means, that I have the same rights as a Woman to go on about my business without being harassed by anyone. That means, that Women should be punished for their abuse as well as men. You can justify anything you want. You could try to justify slavery and the Nazi Death Camps. But Valerie Solanas didn’t justify shooting and knifing Andy Warhol, no one has justified Slavery or the broad range of people killed at the hands of the Nazi’s.

You can find a lame reason for anything.

But I have the right to protect person and property, from all threats at the cost of the body of the attacker. You have no rights to claim some figurative debt, because I was born a Male. If you don’t legally prove my debt to you, in a court of law, I have every right to protect my person and property from infringement. That’s constitutional.

Men in general, don’t really owe Women anything. Women CAN do it for themselves and we were relieved of the financial burden when we granted Women their independence. Don’t expect Men to be Chivalrous, you don’t need our help, you claim we are stupid, beneath you and inferior, so asking us for Chivalry, is like asking the Sun to spark the moon alight.

We don’t owe Women anything.

We don’t have to sit around and listen to constant antagonistic ad hominid’s about the nature of Men. We don’t have to take lesser positions at work, doing the dirtier and more dangerous jobs at a lower rate of pay? Why aren’t more Women becoming Coal Miners and Truck Drivers?

I got a Bachelors Degree in Information Systems, I earned a National Science Foundation Award Scholarship for Excellence in Science and Mathematics.

Did I not earn that? Did I not outrank everyone else in the country with financial need and higher scores? Why should I take Coal Miner and just give it to some Woman? Is that fair to the tests? I can’t imagine that a Woman did better than me, because it was in fact mostly Women at the National Science Foundation Scholarship extension.

Did I not outstrip Women and Men? I was against every person who applied for Scholarships and Financial Aid. Are you trying to tell me, that my absolutely perfect scores had nothing to do with it? That nothing but my penis qualified me for entry to the most accredited schools in the entire world.

That sounds really strange to me. I wouldn’t have worked so hard, I wouldn’t have tolerated the HATE that I received for being homeless while I was going to College, if I had known, that all I needed was a Penis.

Hell, if that were true, I would just have taken my penis to Law School.