Holistic design: Autumn colour references

Watercolor by Iraville

During this week, I continue looking for my autumn seasonal references to improve my colours and in general to understand a little bit better my colour identity.

This course by Ana Victoria Calderón is a good starting point from where to start exploring for my colour identity.

During this training, I found different elements that I loved and I would like to share my personal references about his colour exercise.

Enjoy this learning process, colours are emotions, colours are another face of the holistic design.

The aviator
Director Wes Anderson
Director Christopher Nolan
Director James Bobin

More colour palettes from famous movies

And these are 3 artists with personal colour palettes that I love ❤

1. Ira Ville

the Color Identity of Ira Ville: Autumn

2. Karina Eibatova

Welcome to Crystallize your mind by eika.work

3. And my ex-coworker Alicia Martin