Introducing: Today in #BlackTwitter

With this first post, I am launching an experimental new online digest called Today in #BlackTwitter. The morning report will briefly recap the most talked about news stories, hashtags and issues among the loose network of users collectively known as “Black Twitter”. TIBT aims to encapsulate the discourse on the social media platform that occurred in the previous 24 hours — from cultural happenings and politics to entertainment and viral comedy.

The content featured in the digest will be culled from 150+ algorithmically selected, high-volume accounts, powered by the Twitter API. The group consists of influencers in the space and Twitter users who are especially vocal around topical Black culture moments.

My passion for this project stems from a combination of my time as Manager of Journalism and News at Twitter, writing about contemporary Black life in my newly published book DO U., and my career in journalism. I was spurred by an ongoing case of FOMO. Like many other users, I didn’t want to miss out on what was happening in my community. It is easy to be detached from pertinent conversations if you’re not logged in at the right time or aren’t following specific accounts. With that in mind, Today in #BlackTwitter was born.

The roundup is not intended to be exploitative, only enlightening for all readers. It is not an attempt to explain “Black Twitter.” Entries in TIBT will be presented with context and minus editorial slant. The digest will attempt to highlight original sources of information whenever possible and always with full attribution.

I am excited about what’s to come and welcome suggestions and feedback. Feel free to reach out by emailing Be sure to bookmark and follow @todayinblk on Twitter for the latest updates.

Digitally yours,

Mark S. Luckie