TIBT: Carson’s radio ad goes viral; Berkeley High students protest racist message; #BeingBlackIsPrettyEnough trends

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A Berkeley High student left a hate-filled message on a library computer. This prompted a large gathering of students to march through the city in protest. The hashtag #BerkeleyKKK, originated by @blakedontcrack, was tweeted 4,700+ times.

ABC 7 News: Berkeley high student confessed to racist rant left on computer

Black Twitter responded to Ben Carson’s new urban radio ad with disbelief, criticism and, of course, humor. More than 1,500 tweets were sent with the hashtag #TweetYourReactionToTheBenCarsonRap, which was started by Elon James White.

Washington Post: Talib Kweli has some thoughts on Ben Carson’s new ‘urban’ ad

A Louisiana 6-year-old is the year’s youngest police shooting victim, according to The Washington Post.

More from The Post: A partial list of pundits, politicians and media outlets who used Joseph Gliniewicz’s death to push the “war on cops” narrative

Twitter user @XLNB decried the fetishization of mixed children in a stream of tweets, capping it off with the hashtag #BeingBlackIsPrettyEnough.

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Olivia takes over the Oval Office in the latest episode of #Scandal.

On #HTGAWM, Annalise and the team are hired to represent a client accused of badgering somebody to the point of suicide.


New research says bearded men are more likely to be sexist, Essence reports.

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