TIBT: Cosby in court to face sexual assault charge; #PersonalBlackIcon and #BlackTwitterTheBestTwitter go viral

Bill Cosby’s mugshot was splashed across social media after his arraignment on sexual assault charges. Twitter is having a fierce debate on the preservation of the entertainer’s legacy vs. the gravity of the charges.

Several celebrities caught flak for their tweets about Cosby, notably Lena Dunham and comedian Faizon Love:

The New York Daily News published an op-ed declaring that ending racism should be Obama’s life mission.

Ta-Nehisi Coates writes for The Atlantic on the paranoid style of American policing and how officers undermine their own legitimacy.

Jeb Bush incorrectly name checked where Tamir Rice was from, substituting Chicago for Cleveland.

The Denver Post’s photo selection of a uniformed officer and a mugshot of a victim sent mixed messages.

The hashtag #PersonalBlackIcon was created a digital ode to heroes of color.

@KingTrillaX sparked a viral hashtag with his 134-tweet long series of #BlackTwitterTheBestTwitter videos. The top 3 most retweeted are embedded below:

A clip of Mike Tyson’s nasty fall off a hoverboard got the viral treatment with the addition of characters from the classic video game “Punch-Out!!”

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