TIBT: Howard U. receives racist death threats; Missy Elliott releases new video

Howard University President Wayne A.I. Frederick (Photo: World Bank)

Howard University announced that the school would increase security following a racist death threat posted online.

Raw Story: Howard University braces for attack after chilling racist threat: ‘It’s not murder if they’re black’
Mashable: Howard University increases security after death threat targets black students

Hunter Park, the white college student arrested for threatening University of Missouri students, had a “deep interest” in the Oregon mass shooting, the L.A. Times reports.

At Maryland’s Bowie State University, a swastika painted on a campus is being investigated as a possible hate crime.

Fox 5: Swastika painted on Bowie State building

Jezebel spoke with the woman who refused to stop reading her book at a Trump rally.

Gov. Chris Christie said that he has zero interest in meeting members of the Black Lives Matter movement, according to The New Jersey Star-Ledger.

The protesters at Mizzou and Yale need to be heard, not laughed off, Roxane Gay (@rgay) declares in The New Republic.

TV & Entertainment

Missy Elliott released an eye-popping music video for her new single “WTF.”

This week’s episode of #Scandal finds Fitz negotiating a historic peace deal while Olivia encounters a guest of the The White House who discloses powerful intel.

On #HTGAWM, Philip makes a threatening move and ADA Sinclair may have figured out away to take down Annalise.

Mindy Kaling’s tweet about interracial dating received mixed reactions from Twitter users.


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