Today in #BlackTwitter has moved:

Today in #BlackTwitter was launched three months ago as an experiment to algorithmically surface what’s trending in the network in real-time. Since its launch, TiBT has amassed thousands of followers and has been featured in Vox, Fader, TechCrunch and CNN Money. There is clearly a need for a platform that reflects the Black community on Twitter.

With that in mind, Today in #BlackTwitter is getting a makeover — Version 2.0. The project is moving off Medium to its own dedicated site: The daily posts that recap the previous 24 hours on the platform will now be delivered by email as well. Subscribe now to get TiBT in your inbox.

The Twitter account, which highlights trending hashtags, accounts and links, will continue to retweet the latest and greatest. Follow the conversation at @todayinblk.

I’m excited to transform Today in #BlackTwitter into an online presence worthy of the brilliant tweeps who keep us laughing, crying and rallying behind important causes. Check out the new site and if you have feedback, please email