Lately, I’ve seen so many posts about mental health on social media. But what does mental health really mean? Every human I know has issues, insecurities, dilemmas and feels some form of guilt, sadness and anger. Sure, they’re mostly able to lead socially acceptable lives and appear stable on the outside- but is anyone really mentally healthy? I certainly am not.

Perhaps we ought to spend some time spreading awareness around acceptance too- accepting oneself and those around for who they really are. The more I talk about my anxiety issues, the more I realize I’m surrounded by people in the same bleak boat. I can’t tell for certain if this is a ‘millennial issue’, but a lot of people I know have opened up about their struggles after I did.

I can’t help think one cause of these anxiety issues is the pressure of having alter-egos and in some extreme cases, being compulsive liars. I imagine the constant burden of appearing happy on social media and craving constant positive validation can be overwhelming. In the virtual universe, perhaps the modernized phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand lies’ rings true. Add to that all the troubles society piles on you in the real world. We’re burdened by so many primitive milestones, which years from now will merely disappear in to the dust- a job, a house, marriage, kids, travel; all considered successes only if achieved at the right time. No one’s calling you successful if you finally land a ‘steady’ job at 4o now, are they? If they are, then do tell and help restore my faith in humanity.

Maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem and one can really open up about their struggles and seek help without worrying about labels. Really, why should suffering from anxiety attacks be any more taboo than asthmatic attacks? As facetious as I may sound, at the end of the day aren’t both a symptom of something not being right? While all of this does sound like a rant, it’s one I stand by in both worlds. On my slow rickety journey, I find writing helps. I wish you luck on yours!