My Goals

1. Double my income from 2017. (Shoot for 100k)

2. Regain Spiritual Confidence

3. Become a master at Journaling

4. Become a well-rounded photographer

5. Dunk a basketball with two hands

What’s stopping me?

I believe that nothing is truly stopping me from achieving these goals other than myself. Listed below are just excuses and justifications for being mediocre.

1. Lack of experience and knowledge with anything business related. Lack of money to invest.

2. Not enough time to pray or read scriptures. Too busy to attend the temple regularly.

3. Lack of motivation and desire. Lack of time.

4. Lack of ACTION. I have never tried to get better.

5. Physical Strength and lack of motivation to exercise. I have always felt too short to dunk, but I know it’s not true.

My Plans

1. Work diligently throughout the year to acquire multiple sources of income. Take many ideas I have had for a long time and ACT on them. Counsel with those who have had success. Right now I plan on starting a security system company that my family has been working on for quite some time, become a seller on Amazon through Amazon FBA, and to work with my dad to patent and design a product that would be used in the Electric motor industry. I will also be open to any new opportunities that are presented.

2. Pray constantly. Attend the temple once a week. Study scriptures daily.

3. Follow Benjamin Hardy’s journaling course and make it a part of my weekly routines.

4. Take courses on the Basics of Photography and Photoshop. Take pictures weekly and post on an Instagram page for my photography.

5. Incorporate exercise into daily routines. Focus on my vertical jump.


1. Because I know it will challenge me more than I have ever been challenged. I know that even though I am young, my age isn’t stopping me from accomplishing my dreams. I want to prove to myself that if I work hard I can be successful as a business man and entrepreneur.

2. My relationship to God is everything to me. I am motivated because of my understanding of His plan for Me! I know that I need to be Spiritually awake and strong so that one day I can face God and find peace in the works I did in this life.

3. I want to have my life recorded so that I can look back on things that took place. I know it will be a blessing to my family as well.

4. I have been passionate about photography for a long time but have never done anything with it. I want to do it so that I can inspire others and recognize the beauty that is surrounding me in the world.

5. To prove to myself that I can do hard things and I can overcome perceived physical limitations. Also, when I was young I always wanted to be in the NBA, so since that isn’t working out I might as well make an impact in Church basketball.

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