Podcasts, or shall I say Toddcasts? 🥁

I’ll be honest, I struggle with reading books, I often find that it makes me feel tired and I frequently get distracted with something else… Perhaps feeling guilty that I have time to read and I should be doing something more productive. I need to read the same page over and over to absorb the content which means I’m never fully immersed in it. That was until I tried audiobooks and podcasts. It’s revolutionised the way I ‘read’. …

Netflix and click

Now I might be being picky here but with all this talk on machine learning you’d think I wouldn’t have to see this screen every time I open the app…

Let’s just say I open the Netflix app on average 3 times a week and with 52 weeks in year that means I will have ‘clicked’ Todd 156 times!


  1. I have Apple TV in my room
  2. I always select Todd (me)
  3. It’s 2017

Possible Solutions

  1. Able to select me as default user for my Apple TV (in Settings)
  2. Apple TV learns that I always select Todd so just defaults me straight into the Netflix dashboard upon opening the app

Here’s a very quick mockup of solution 2 to show what opening the app could look like.

Cheers, love ya Netflix


Login, logout and login


  1. You open an app on your iPhone and…

2. You download an app… BUT before you can access anything in the app, you have to re-enter that same old email address and password you do for most of your applications.

I hope it’s not just me but this is painful.

A solution:

Allow users to safely secure email and password credentials right in their iOS Touch ID Settings.


Confused on what this could look like?…

Desktop users: easier to watch in fullscreen :D


maybe I should stop being lazy and just use 1Password.

Thanks for reading.

The truth from someone who couldn’t be bothered

My story

Okay, so I’ve always had an idea of what I wanted to write - but two years passed and I had nothing, honestly nothing, just a medium account. Not a single draft post-in-sight!

Doesn’t make sense, does it? I have read article after article on how to write the ‘perfect’ Medium post and all I could think about was:

  • I’m not a great writer
  • What if no one likes it?
  • What if I’m wrong and I get corrected? That’s embarrassing.
  • What if no one reads it?
  • What social platforms should I post on to increase my reach?
  • Don’t I need…

Todd Richardson

Designer and maker

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