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I love your podcasts. I proudly own a Pod Save America t-shirt, and find myself feverishly refreshing the Podcasts app on my phone on the appropriate days to see if the latest episodes have been posted. In short, I’m a huge fan and love what you do, especially when Jon, Jon, and Tommy are all in attendance.

One gripe:

The online website seems to be a bit of a mess. It isn’t very intuitive, and a bit clunky; the interface is graphically and functionally just kind of bad (sorry!). It could really use a good designer to help clean it up and make it a more pleasant place to hang out. Just sayin.

Furthermore (and more importantly), the pods don’t seem to post as immediately as they do on my phone app, sometimes by days or weeks. Currently, the latest podcast for PSA is “Hits from the Aaron Sorkin Bong”, and the latest LOLI is “Calamity Bannon”. So as you can see, a bit delayed. I’ve tried on different browsers to see if that was the difference, but got the same results.

I perused through the comments to see if anyone else had mentioned this, but didn’t see anything, so apologies if I’m beating a dead horse.

Lastly, keep doing what you do. It’s absolutely cathartic for me, and it brings a sense of levity and hope in these dark days. I’m an atheist, so take what I’m about to say with the appropriate amount of salt:

You’re doing the Lord’s work.

All the best.


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