Just because someone has a different workflow to you doesn’t make it shitty.

Completely agree Mickstah.
I am a designer and front-end developer. I personally tried sketch solidly for 4 months, but went back to photoshop. Whether this is because of my print background, i don’t know. But sketch is glitchy, has extremely limited typographic features and you can’t edit bitmaps very easily (which is something I often do in the same workflow as UI design, such as masking and isolating photographic assets. There are many other reasons I reverted, but I won’t go into those now. 
The point is, this decision is something that matches my workflow personally and the type of design work that I do. Not because I don’t try new tools available to me. I like the way that I work, but i certainly don’t make the assumption that anyone who works differently has not chosen to branch out or experiment with new tools.

I‘ve worked in both start ups, and global ad agencies, and almost always I have been given the choice to use any tool that I wish if I make a good enough case for it.

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