New industry leading technology will transform how Paramount Bank handles mortgages.

My last blog was a bit of a love letter to my team for their stellar work during the pandemic, and I’m still on that train, but for a slightly different reason. I mentioned in a previous post that we’re in the midst of a significant technology rollout with our Empower loan origination system, and we’ve made huge strides.

This internal and external facing portal will enable us to completely automate some of our core processes, and create significant, bottom line impact via cost and time efficiencies. …

Paramount Bank is making it easier and more fiscally sound for veterans and active service duty members to get mortgages.

In these uncertain times, people are focused on how they can take care of themselves, their families, and ideally, their communities. Eventually, however, the coronavirus pandemic will end, and we will all resume our new normal way of life. But if you’re a veteran looking to buy a home, you might not want to wait.

For one thing, interest rates are quite low right now. Plus, if your dream is to buy a home, there are certain changes happening that will help to make this particular dream a reality. …

Veterans with PTSD and people who struggle with addiction are particularly vulnerable during this unprecedented time of international self-isolation.

I’ve made my position clear on America getting back to work amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But there’s something just as serious and worthy of our attention — and this one is close to my heart as a veteran — the effects of isolation on some of our more vulnerable citizens.

There are other implications to us self-isolating to slow the spread of the coronavirus, than endangering human lives, and crippling the US economy. Conversations I’ve had recently revealed that alcoholic employees and even some friends have gone into relapses because they can’t make their AA meetings. Because of government mandates…

To avoid a depression and a cascade of economic disasters, we have to adopt a battle triage mentality and go to war with the coronavirus.

We need to get back to work.

Before you judge me for making that statement, hear me out. For starters, I don’t have all the answers. There is no one right answer, and no one person has all the information we need to recover from the pandemic. It’s something we must do together, and we need to be as safe as possible in the process.

This article is my opinion, an opinion based on the lessons I learned in the military — I’m a veteran — as well as the various experiences — good and bad — I’ve encountered as…

We Aren’t Scared of the Current Environment, but We Are Aware of It

If you’re scared right now, don’t feel bad.

Fear is a reasonable response to what’s happening right now. Thanks to the rapid, global spread of the coronavirus things are uncertain in almost every industry. Finances in particular are unstable for many people and organizations.

Mortgages, interest rates, payments, regular cash flow, all are in jeopardy as businesses of all kinds deal with shortened or severed revenue streams and cut or significantly slowed down income sources. Yet, at Paramount Bank we’re able to keep our cool under extreme pressure. Why? …

It’s hard to disagree with almost any of them, especially as a mortgage industry insider. But what if you’re not?

At the beginning of the year, the Forbes Real Estate Council put out a piece around their five mortgage trends likely to continue in 2020. It’s been a little more than one month of 2020, so how are these trends holding up so far?

Mortgage trends are always somewhat subjective, highly likely to vary based on other aspects of banking, finance and world economics. We can make all the predictions we want, but year after year, something tends to surprise us or change course.

That said, anticipating mortgage trends and having an idea of what we’ll face in the upcoming…

Tips to keep your goals alive past “Quitters Day”

Are your New Year’s resolutions still holding strong?

Only around 8% of resolutions succeed by the end of the year, and more than 60% fail before the six month mark.

We’ve just surpassed what Strava, the popular app for cyclists and runners, calls “Quitters Day.” That’s the day of the year when most people give up on their resolutions, and this year it fell on January 19.

If you’re like me, financial resolutions were probably at the top of your list this year. I’m getting ready to send my first kid to college, so I know the challenges that come with budgeting, saving and spending the right amount.

How I’m preparing to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

The #ConquerKili hike is just under one month out and I am looking forward to embarking on this journey with fellow veterans.

If you had asked me at the start of 2019 if I would have planned on doing something like this, I would have said no. And now, I’m thrilled to be starting out 2020 this way. Thank you to everyone who has donated to my page for Waterboys so far. I’ve raised over $22k of my $25k goal, and am proud of the impact that we will be making as a team for communities in need of drinkable…

I can tell you a thousand reasons why your company should hire more veterans

On Veterans Day, I posted about the importance of helping veterans succeed in job interviews, and the importance of hiring managers understanding a veteran perspective.

When we can overcome this challenge together, more companies will see that hiring veterans improves the bottom line. Veterans make excellent employees, managers and company leaders. Those companies that make an active point to hire veterans see significant growth over time.

I am proud to say that Paramount Bank is one of those companies. Our business would not be the same if it were not full of hardworking, devoted veterans.

Pro-Football Hall of Famer Roger…

This Veterans Day, give veterans the opportunities they deserve.

Happy Veterans Day! It would be no surprise to my friends for me to say that the most developmental period of my life was spent in the United States Army. The opportunities I have been afforded professionally and those in my future are all in debt to the skills I gained in the armed forces.

This is my first Veterans Day as the President of Mortgage at Paramount Bank, and as we work to bring the future to home ownership, I’m extremely proud of our commitment to hiring veterans.

The skills learned in the military, however, aren’t the most translatable…

Todd Jones

Proud US Army Veteran | Mortgage Industry Innovator | Community-first | Straightforward business insights with military-honed leadership experience

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