The Right Thing At The Right Time: Innovation

Intelligent business people will agree that timing is an important thing.

This is because you can do the right thing at the wrong time and get nowhere, and you can do the right thing at the right time and soar.

How do you know when the right time is? An interesting question to answer, but to take a stab at it we could say via observation, feedback and experience.

An important point that must be made is that beyond that, waiting for the perfect time, is a perfect waste of time, because ‘the perfect time’ is a subjective reality only visible in hindsight — you have to simply create the perfect time because it will be seen in hindsight as a result of your actions today.

“Let intellect guide you and passion drive you”

Technology is advancing rapidly and many large organisations are finding themselves in an interesting situation… What they have been doing has been working, yet the big boys are big targets for the smaller, more agile and innovative startups.

So large companies must innovate or risk being decimated by an innovative startup — Blockbuster vs Netflix… Borders vs Amazon…

It is 2016, the year of innovation, disruption, IoT, AI, predictive intelligence and big data… Australia has so much talent… We are not short of ideas… We have just been short of the right kind of support.

Australia has recently had Malcolm Turnbull brought into office as PM and theres been an optimistic air in the startup scene as the government brings in different grants and programs to support Australian entrepreneurs and talent.

The right thing at the right time?

It would seem that more and more people are leaning towards starting a business and doing something that drives them more than just clocking into a boring 9–5 job. In fact, kids these days are becoming more and more entrepreneurial it seems — from what I can see based on my observations and conversations.

The biggest problem I hear though, whether it is youngens or even adults that want to take the jump and try their hands in a new business venture… Where the hell do I even start?!

The right thing at the right time…

Advance Queensland

Advance QLD is a startup community, championed by QLD Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy and Minister for Small Business, Leeanne Enoch, that has a number of different programs.

It is designed to create the knowledge-based jobs of the future, drive productivity improvements and build on our natural advantages.
It will help position the state as an attractive investment destination with a strong innovation and entrepreneurial culture — ADV QLD

$180 million is said to be allocated for spending over a 4 year period and that will be in the following funds:

  • Best and Brightest Fund $50m — which is to develop, attract and retain talent.
  • Future Jobs Strategy $46m — to help with innovation challenges and to help create roadmaps for industries with global growth potential.
  • Business Development Fund $40m — The government will co-invest in your startup for an equity stake and to an extent, match what investors are currently putting in. (You will want to already have a lead investor and it takes time, so undertake the application process as soon as you can if this is an option that interests you)
  • Young Starters Program — this is to help breed entrepreneurialism into youth as an alternative pathway, help develop them and give them a place to pitch their big ideas to the world.

Advance QLD has a team experts to assist startups, incubators, accelerators and really is a push to create a great startup culture in QLD.

The right thing at the right time?

The fact is that our world is moving fast, in the last 100 years, we have seen more innovation than in the last 1000 years.

You can take a look at companies like Uber, AirBnB, AirTasker and so forth and you will see how acting on ideas is the source of bringing changes to the world.

“They say the only stupid question is the question left unasked — well don’t let your ideas go unheard or unrealised… Make them a reality, just give it a go”

A few points:

  • Australia's tech scene is heating up.
  • We are starting to see resources go towards growing the startup scene.
  • The commodity supercycle is coming to an end and its time divert our attention to innovation and technology.
  • There are a lot of different resources available for you to access which can assist you in developing your big idea.
  • If you’re based in QLD then you can link up with Advance QLD who can help point you in good directions.

I’ve been involved in direct sales for quite some time, and as time went by I started to study and become obsessed with human behaviour, the WHY of what we do, from there I started doing coaching, training and consulting, and now I find myself involved in the startup arena.

A startup is different from other things you will do.

It can be chaotic, unpredictable and all over the place at times… But damn you will learn SO much, meet great people and the best part is that you have the opportunity to take whats in your mind and make it real.

My company iRecruit is something we built for talent looking for work and recruiters and employers looking for staff — we have built a revolution that makes finding your dream job and ideal candidates simple. iRecruit was born from frustration at all the current mediums for finding staff — I looked for something simple, effective and affordable, but found nothing that ticked the boxes.

The only answer was to build something — and thats what we did.

The interesting thing is the timing… There are trends occuring in the industry that match and support what we are doing…

Does that make this the right thing at the right time?

I have no idea, but what I do know is that myself, my co founder and our whole team share the vision and the passion to make this a reality now — as I said earlier, we must create the perfect time… Lets add to that here:

“Create the perfect time through intelligent action and dedication — just do it at the right time!”
To create Uber before the widespread adoption of smartphones would have made no sense.
To have tried to do Netflix back when we had dial up internet would have been paaaaaiiiinnnful and a flop!

Looking around at the environment, advances in technology and peoples behaviours (Observation), going by what people say (Feedback), and based on my own pains that came from recruiting and looking for work in the past (Experience), it was apparent that now is the right time to make a perfect time — at least thats the truth for iRecruit.

The right thing at the right time…

Innovating is something that is fun, exciting and beyond that, it is something that can positively affect peoples lives — it could be one person or it could be millions.

The fact is that it is always the right time to be looking at ways to innovate and improve and I don’t just mean in business…

  • Innovate your relationships, improve them, keep them fresh.
  • Innovate your health, improve yourself physically and emotionally.
  • Innovate your life, improve the areas you want to improve.
“Its never too late to start, it is always too late to wait”

If you’ve been thinking about starting a business or creating the next big thing then just do it — we have this one life, so if you’re not living it to your full extent and doing things that make you feel challenged, fulfilled and excited… Then what are you doing?

Please feel free to comment and share — lets open a line of discussion:

  • How do we best judge the time to act?
  • What are some big obstacles that stand in the way for startups?
  • The fourth industrial revolution — the age of technology?