Asking a different question changes everything.

It’s the standard question every server asks when they greet a table in a restaurant, “What would you like to drink?”

It’s direct, to the point and makes functional sense. After all, we all want something to drink while we’re reading the menu, right?

If the point of customer service is to be functional then mission accomplished. But, if the point of customer service is to be exceptional then there’s a better question to ask.

“What brings you out tonight?” opens up a whole new world and, along with it, the opportunity to be exceptional instead of functional.

“We’re celebrating ___________.” means roll out the red carpet.

“We’re having a meeting.” means don’t be too invasive.

“We’re catching a movie.” means make sure they’re done in plenty of time.

“A friend recommended we come.” means give the royal tour.

Too often we’re stuck in old habits and traditions that are comfortable but don’t make a difference.

Simply asking a different question can change everything. It shows your customers you care more about their experience than you do about the sale and that will translate into more business in the long run.

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