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Everybody acts like these govt departments are all created in a vacuum or part of some liberal plot. They generally come about due to a need. FDA was created when the book ‘The Jungle’ came out, and people were horrified at what they were eating. They demanded the govt do something. The EPA, was created after things like Love Canal, back when it was cool to spray random chemicals or used motor oil on dirt roads to keep down the dust. Yes some states, ones run by ‘stupid liberals’, may take action on their own. Others would say its not an issue, and pollution does not really care where the state line is. The education department was created when some states simply refused to go along with the idea of equal education for everybody. There are decades long cases where places like Mississippi were dragged screaming into this century. Theres no way we would believe if the fed govt wasnt looking over their shoulders, they would do the right thing. Just as we still need FDA inspectors, as the ‘market’ will not sort crap out. Even with fed inspectors looking over their shoulders they still sell questionable products. We still need the EEOC, and other such ‘liberal’ ideas.

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