Top 4 Tips for Tech Companies Thinking About Public Relations

Technology companies often have an incredible product that has taken years to fully develop however, they often miss the mark. I served as public relations director for a technology company in the Vancouver area last year and this experience highlighted the lessons some companies need to learn. Below are seven public relations lessons that any company or organization can use if they are about to undertake the establishment of their own public relations strategy.

  1. Understand the Value of Public Relations

Public relations is my business and career but my true passion lies in telling meaningful stories. The heart of public relations is the ability to articulate and share your story. A captivating story can mean your organization can get the attention of the media you are aiming to target. Public relations is the process of developing your messages and story and finding the right channels to share these messages. Famed businessman Warren Buffet famously said once “it takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it”. Public relations is largely about building your company’s reputation, which can take years to create. Many technology companies like yours are consumed with data-driven marketing and rightly so. While marketing can often be attributed to direct data, public relations should not be treated the same. Public relations has the ability to build your brand awareness for the short and long term.

2. Trust and Commitment Are Key to Process

Your company needs to hire professionals to help you develop and executive your public relations strategy. When you hire the right individual(s) then a mutual trust is vital to the success of your PR. This trust must be built because this individual is part of the company image. These individuals also need to have the trust of the company leadership to be able to be bold, creative and do their job well. Without trust neither party involved will be able to see success.

3. Company Buy-In

Prior to beginning your PR journey as a company, it is important that the company executive is on board with the plan. Without senior leadership’s approval of this process, then there will be unnecessary push back. Many technology company CEOs often come from a software and tech background so their understanding of public relations is very different. Public relations materials generally shouldn’t be heavily technical unless it is for a particular audience.

4. Think Long-Term

Unlike online marketing efforts, public relations is a long term game. The full potential and reach of public relations will not happen overnight. It will take relationship building and time. The true impact of public relations will take months, if not years. As Seth Godin so rightly points out, “people do not buy good and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.” Those things take time but the growth potential for your company is worth it.

I appreciate working with tech companies because they are eager to grow and work together to help make their PR strategy successful so they can grow. If you are a tech company and are in the early stages of considering developing a public relations strategy, I would love to connect with you. Let’s connect.