Twelve things Microsoft should know about Windows 10 (that Windows users won’t tell them)
Christian Cantrell

Many fair points here — I was a lifelong (25 years+) user of Windows and recently switched to Mac for work. I think one could write an article in the opposite direction with as many points — things that MacOS should implement that Windows does well already. Still, lots of handy power tips here for the new Mac user (e.g. Ctrl+` for window switching, space-bar for quick preview… didn’t know about these things!).

My biggest complaint so far with MacOS is the file handling system. I miss being able to VERY easily copy and paste a file path from my explorer window into another explorer window, or a file open/save dialog, or really wherever. MacOS could use a tree file view as much as windows could use a column view. I’m guessing there are patents standing in the way of either copying the other?

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