What specific policies will Trump deploy to create high paying jobs?
Brian Wang

  1. Tax cuts for small businesses, so they can hire more people. 2. Tax cuts for Corporations so they don’t build overseas. 3. Ending ObamaCare, which has stopped many companies from hiring more people. 4. Curtailing of regulations and the bureaucracy of red tape that small businesses everyday. 5. Fair trade Pacts — we are getting killed by buying more things manufactured outside the US. 6. We need to develop our energy resources. 7. We need to fix our infrastructure. 8. We need to stop the outsourcing of so many jobs overseas. 9. We have to change the mindset of the American worker that there is dignity in every job and no job is beneath them.

This is just off the top of my head, but Trump has created jobs all his life compared to Hillary and most politicians who only promise them.

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