In a recent project that is still underway for Mission Data Labs, we needed some quick mockups for the development team to work from and to help us understand the requirements for the screens we were implementing. Over the past few years, our approach has been to use Sketch for almost all aspects of UX/UI design. This move was a much needed departure from our past using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator which were frankly never intended for this type of work. That being said, I have my gripes with Sketch and we use Labs initiatives at Mission Data to explore…

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While Zoom cocktail hour has become a popular way to connect with friends, family, and colleagues, we have found ways to leverage the business tools we use every day to promote workplace harmony. We use Slack channels that are focused on projects, clients, housekeeping, and topics. Many of those topics are about things related to our business like technology or tech events but many of our channels are about topics that are of interest to us as individuals. Here are a few that we have created and how they have helped bring our employees closer together.

#covidpalooza 😷

After much discussion, we…

UPDATE: This is no longer needed as Amazon has built in an Explicit Content Filter that works with Amazon Music, at least. You can turn this on and off within the Alexa app or turn on a setting to allow you to turn this on and off with a voice command:

I’m constantly searching for ways to stream music out loud in my house, around my children, that doesn’t contain explicit lyrics. In all the research I’ve done I haven’t found a way to achieve this using the built in functions of Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. Alexa will play…

Microsoft HoloLens

We received our HoloLens this morning and couldn’t wait to crack it open. We have a few project ideas lined up to help us better understand the device and its potential over the next few weeks. For now, have a quick look at the unboxing and get a glimpse of the device.

Todd Budnikas

Creative Director @missiondata. @bg_louisville chapter co-leader. Father of 2, husband of 1.

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