I Found a Therapy Chat Room and Started Talking with Strangers
Lily Remi

Willing Movement=Great blog

If it were not for social media, I would have no social life. Several weeks ago, it occured to me that most of my social interaction occurs through the internet. My personal story is much like those you shared in your blog.

I’m not a millinial, I’m actually from the x generation and I must admit that I belived in the prominante stereotypes of social media users e.g. everyone lies, the internet is populated by racist and sexist white men between the ages of eighteen and thirty. I was wrong.

I struggle with depression and I’ve had two wonderful conversation/ relationships (as in friendship relationship) with people via tumblr. Our conversations were not bound by social pressure — such as body language, or whether or not we knew some of the same people, etc. The boundaries of our conversations broadened — the boundaries of our therapy followed suit.

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