A new CSS school of thought

CSS is a powerful tool in every front end developers tool belt that when wielded properly can be a great tool but used the wrong way and make problems that you never saw coming.

When starting new project a discussion of architecture and naming conventions for your stylesheet is a necessary discussion so that everyone is on the same page when it comes the layout and the design language on the front end. In this article I want to present a new architecture to throw into that discussion that can yield great benefits for your project as it grows and scales.


Inverted Triangle CSS is a new architecture that helps you to organize your project CSS files in such way that you can better deal with CSS specifics like global namespace, cascade and selectors specificity. You’re probably wondering, how can this help me wield my css sword better that I already am. Maybe you’re using BEM or OOCS or one the other popular naming conventions or frameworks that are out there. ITCSS is more a school of thought and isn’t looking for you to drop what you’re using and pick up a new naming convention. It most likely will work with your current workflow.