An open letter to Donald Trump and why He is scared to respond

First Donald Trump, let me thank you for truly exposing yourself. You are your fathers son. Racism doesn’t fall far from the source. If you truly are concerned about the african american community how about you start with having a real conversation with a black conservative that doesn’t trust you. I am willing. I am able. I will come to trump tower. I also want to bring my mother because she loves you. I am calling you out because I know you’re a fraud. You’re a hustler by nature which is cool. I respect your grind. But when you build a glass house telling people it’s platinum, sooner or later someone will call you on your BS.

I know I am Donald so what are you?

You have proven to be a tough competitor as I suspect you would. But you have too many unanswered questions. I have questions for you before I vote. I am willing to ask you those questions in a kind way but I want answers. I know you don’t like to release your taxes because half of your companies are shell companies to ensure you receive income from them. I know that because having worked for an investment banker I know very well how to set up structures to the advantage of the principal. Doesn’t mean you don’t have money. It just means that you are very good at hiding it.

Meeting you would confirm my suspicion that you are not Gary Vaynerchuk or Barack Obama or any leader or business person who has real credibility and transparency. You are at best a suit still thirsty for the spotlight. The old money mentality you have is admirable but you still didn’t make the money you claim( without help from your dad) but money without the respect is just a way to bribe peoples attention.

Enough Said

Here’s your chance. I can bring my whole family, mostly black republicans on my mothers side and democrats on my dad’s side who will acknowledge you respectfully but would probably devour you in a real intellectual conversation about the plight of our community as well as policing, or the military. But I love my family equally. Especially my muslim sister who was in the military and served in the pentagon.

Because at the end of the day, character and leadership cannot be manipulated. You are either a leader for many or a fool for many to see.

Julius Caesar thought he was a winner. Where is the roman empire?

Many have come before you claiming their power and strength and many have fallen because of their ego.

Sounds pretty close. Make America Fake again

And for the record, I am not in complete agreement with the president on some issues but I respect the office of the president because I am an American first. But I am also african american so any disrespect to anyone of color is not needed.Despite our political preferences, I completely respect what the president has tried to do in these times.

But I am appalled at your sheer disregard for knowledge of the office or even the right political discourse needed to show the american public that you will do the job and not delegate to someone( whether family or Mike Pence) because at the end of the day it is your chosen responsibility. I am not interested in litigating your actual claims of your business but I am more interested in whether you have the courage to dialogue with someone who wants to vote for you but has very serious concerns as to your legitimate interest.

See you posed an interesting question to African Americans, “ What else do we have to lose.” Here’s your answer:

These are real heroes and patriots. Fighting for our country while not having rights

Years of my family suffering in bondage with lost relatives I never met, and years of hard work without reward from generation to generation. Being the grandchild of a grandparent who was the son of a sharecropper and a parent who grew up in the segregated south, I am one generation removed from “No Colored Allowed” signs everywhere I would potentially go. You could never know what that means so you can’t begin to understand because you attempted to do something similar with housing maybe to appease your father or maybe because it was what you believe. I believe you have not the slightest clue what black people have achieved or endured to get to where they are. Not because you’re ignorant and don’t know. You’ve proven yourself to be a hard worker and intelligent businessman. I believe you simply don’t care. You have proven that what you care about is what you invest in. And you only invest in you.That’s how you win.

Somewhere you will never be

Well what about the American people winning. White, Black, Latino, Asian. Gay, Straight or anywhere in between. We are all Americans. Red State. Blue State. Every State. I don’t understand things about like you saying you want to reach out to the Black Community. Here’s an idea: you were in Akron, Ohio( Home of Lebron James) and you couldn’t reach out to King James. You couldn’t even donate time or money to his old alma mater. That would be reaching out. No, that actually would be caring.

Why would you ever entertain a request from a nobody that won’t guarantee you a victory?

The truth is you evade real conversations for ones you can control. You will be running the US. Not your kids. Not the many people you willl delegate the job to. Not the politicians chomping at the bits for you to win so they can run over you faster then Cheney ran over Bush. But You Donald. You will lose because the first loss you will have to accept you will be embarrassed. No one to defend or protect you. The world to see that you really don’t have it all together.

Question? For someone who professes their great health and has all kinds of money why would you eat these heart attack inducing meals if you could afford real food:

This is great side chin picture
Looks really healthy? Grease on 10K seats. Make America Waste again.

I will be waiting for your answer. Tweet me ToddSocial

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