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Donald Trump’s Meeting Yesterday With Blacks

In America’s black neighborhoods there is violence in the streets, anxiety among the elderly, aimlessness with the youth, and corruption (a rigged political system). Race conscious policies are needed . . .

All economic indicators show black lives remain just as dire (and/or far worst) under the “political correct colorblindness” approach of the democrats. They use the votes of black citizens to get elected and once in office use the “colorblindness approach as an excuse” to do nothing and keep their corporate lobbyist and campaign contributors happy.

The symbolic effort does nothing to address the need for full inclusion and the maldistribution of equality in the economic and educational spheres of black life. They want you to believe that America has reached a point of sophistication that race of a person is insignificant in determining his or her success.

Donald Trump has promised a race conscious approach to focus on rights, fair procedures, and equality of opportunity as a commitment to the principle of nondiscrimination. He believes that blacks should be proud of their race and America must ascend to the level of collective consequences as it relates to responsibility for black neighborhoods. The social, economic, and gun violence situation in black communities is real.

Mr. Trump wants the following:(1) More strident equal enforcement of laws and programs.(2) Humane and appropriate responses to poverty, hopelessness and gun violence (crime).(3) An agenda to establish partnerships and drive economic development to create pathways for enhancing education, employment, entrepreneurship, and home ownership.

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