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The “rigged” political process has reached a level of uncomfortableness. First the elite media took issue with Donald Trump’s use of the word “inner-city.” Now they want to magnify and gussy up his use of the term ghetto. Their embellishment is nothing more than “gilt-edged” semantics and immaculate “bubbles of gas” emanating from their ass.

But, this is precisely the reason there is no longer a blind partisanship link between the black community and the Democratic Party. The black community owes the Democratic Party NOTHING. It’s the Democratic Party’s continued facetiously, disturbing and arrogant attitude. We turned out and backed the Democratic Party for more than 50 years. In exchange for our blind loyalty we got nothing.

Donald Trump has called for a “NEW DEAL” and has pledged to listen to African-Americans. He said “I fully understand the African-American community has suffered from discrimination,” Mr. Trump has specifically referenced disparities in education, employment and public safety, and promised to bring “prosperity” to the black communities that Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party and black political leaders now refused to admit is troubled.

Those who control the black community “block of votes” are upset. They realize Mr. Trump is a threat to the monopoly they have operated for decades at the expense of the lives of black boys and girls dying each day in our INNER-CITY STREETS. They need to “miss us already” with that bullsh*t that we no longer live in the hood.

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