It might feel good, but February’s intense heat is a very bad sign
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It is absolutely terrifying to me just how stupid conservatives are. . I know that it’s just a movie. but you conservatives should watch the movie soylent green starring Charlton Heston. because that is the future we are heading for. severe overpopulation, the lack of food,The breakdown of the ecosystem to grow and produce food. causing the breakdown of the food chain. leading to cannibalism.

I know I know, you are all going to clutch your Bibles and say it was preordained. It was prophesied. but you know what. None of this had to happen. But it has, because of stupid conservatives that get sold a bill of goods by selfish conservatives who only want more more more. Trump and all the people of his ilk played, you idiots like a fiddle, the same way Putin played Trump. By the time you all pull your heads out of your a$$es and see that. It’s going to be too late to do anything. it probably already is.

I just hope that when it comes time that you have to watch your children or other loved ones suffer and die that it is quick for them. so that they do not have to suffer in anguish because you are all so ignorant.

May God truly have mercy on the ones that you have none for!

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