Unlimited Possibilities ©Todd.Hannula

A Thank You Letter

My mind works by comparing things I love to new things I might love. If the new thing carries the same DNA I will probably love it. This approach is surprisingly easy and extremely useful. It allows the light of something new and often very different into my life, because trust.

alto and Heather Nann and the writers at CROSSING GENRES are that light.

The work you are doing — building both your own writing and the publication CROSSING GENRES is so wildly different than my own perspective — as to be classified alien. However, because you and your work share the same DNA of the things I love — positivity, generosity, curiosity, empathy and storytelling — I let myself be drenched in your light. It feels wonderful.

So what do I compare you to?

The wonderful feeling of looking up at the sky on a warm spring day.

I love the feeling of the cool grass and soft ground, the ambient sound of children playing, the warm sun on my face and the contrast of the green leaves of trees and the deep blues of the sky.

When I am lying there in the grass, I am giving myself over to nature. I’m not judging. I’m not thinking. I’m just experiencing.

When I look beyond the trees, towards the cotton balls in the sky, I imagine flying or floating. I’ve experimented, well — more than experimented, with a number of drugs in my life —but, none of them come close to the pure pleasure of a ride in the sky with the sounds of unadulterated joy encircling me. Ahhh, pure bliss.

I don’t know if an errant ball will suddenly whack me on the head, or if a bee will sting me, or even if a sudden shower will soak me. I simply don’t care — it is too good.

And that’s the comparison I make to the work you both produce.

There is a point to it all — it’s not just some indulgent luxury. Being with nature changes me. Your work changes me.

How do you do that? How do you and all your writers do that?

I think I know — you care, deeply.

Thanks for being remarkable. Thanks for supporting me and lots of others to reach for our potential.

Your energy propels us all forward.