Full disclosure: I’m a big fan of Dr.
SF Ali


Always Be Closing. It’s a favourite of the sales 101 gurus. There is some truth in it, as long as the sales person understands what closing means. If they don’t, they end up sounding like a dick. This is what we learn in sales and I suppose marketing to some degree

Trump isn’t abiding the ABC, he’s a repeating train wreck that’s normalising atrocities.

The horror, the horror.

I too was confused by Nassim’s rant. On one level, it’s some kind of origami style parody, while on another level it’s an extremely sober account of the state of the world.

I’ve been buying into the common view that Trump is “touching the people” or “he’s a great salesman” stuff for a fair few months. I was early in the game with the idea that this isn’t about Trump, it’s about us.

But — (and this is an honest question, maybe framed a bit awkwardly — b/c I can be dramatic) — Do you think it is possible or even probably that his sales success isn’t due to his skill in this area, but mostly or entirely because…

…he had a TV show legitimising his authority in business?

…he’s an angry white male with not an insignificant standing in our culture?

…he is getting more press than God?

oh, and…

…he started with a shit load of money from daddy, which despite his horrendous track record, is still a shit load today?

As they say, ‘money talks and bullshit walks’. A saying most people in the States understand — because it aptly describes our obsession with the one true God of western society, money. If you have it, and especially if you’re white and male, you can be a prophet in the US.

What do you think? Does this sound right, or have I missed a more sophisticated marketing strategy masked as lunacy?


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