I Will Keep Picking Apart The Pieces of Me Until We Are Whole
Ezinne Ukoha

Metamorphic. A Metamorphosis.

Sedimentary deposits become Shale. An ordinary rock, used mainly on the roofs of buildings in England in its only slightly modified form — Shale. The complexity of this rock is ever increased and its compositionally structure altered as pressure and temperature change it into Phyllite.

We don’t often see Phyllite. But, we do see it’s daughter. What it becomes when the temperature and pressures act to change it into a spectacularly unique metamorphic rock — Schist.

Schist is the result of massive forces and significant change to what seems to be an unchangeable thing — sedimentary rock. Yes, it is easily broken apart. The minerals have been so compacted that the rock literally cleaves along lines of somewhat orderly and very much compressed minerals and their planes.

The breaking of Schist leads to an entirely new thing.

Not an end, but a beginning, again, as a dimension stone. This is a stone formed from an aggregate of the original crushed stone.

The foundation rock, in this case it’s Schist, for a dimension stone meets a strict criteria.

Specifically, it endures and maintains its distinctive characteristics of strength, resistance to decay, and appearance.

No amount of picking apart will diminish your strength, resistance, and appearance. Despite the forces of mankind, you, like the schist rock pictured with your prose above, are beautifully indestructible.