Star KIC 8462852 hints at alien civilization
Thaddeus Howze



What happens if this science fiction level handy work was created by a species so advanced they have figured out how to exploit the wrinkles in time?

I’ll tell you what happens.

Some serious badass extraterrestrial life forms show up on our doorstep with capabilities way beyond our imagination and a very different view of our importance. We’ll look like amoebas in a petri dish. We’ll probably be studied, enslaved or simply discarded without a second thought.

Haven’t we seen this play out in similarly sinister way here on Earth — more technologically advanced societies enslaving or killing lesser technologically capable groups?


We could get lucky and be found by one of the nice guys in the cosmos.

Do we feel lucky?

*Thanks for sharing some really cool info Thaddeus Howze — I’m a fan.