You might be over reading that though, one might say, for example, MLK did so much for African…
Guz Puz

The Original Peace Caravans © Death To Stock


Not peace bro. Not peace and love. Not peace out.

Just, Peace.

I started using ‘Peace’ as a signoff on all my correspondence about 6 months ago. At first, I was scared. I was afraid everyone would respond with ‘what is he smokin’ ?’ Some did. I’m not smokin’, anymore.

It kinda signals to people that I’m trying to have share open thoughts. I’m not forcing my positive vibe on them with ‘Best Wishes’ or ‘All the Best’. I’m not jumping right in with some infatuation, ‘Love’. But, I also don’t want to seem officious, ‘Regards’ or ‘Sincerely’.

Maybe you’re having a crap day — Peace is a diffuser. Or perhaps you are super sure you disagree with what I’m saying — Peace is signal to pause, perhaps ponder. Maybe you’re having a great day — Peace is friendly and widens your positive vibe.

It’s just my way of transmitting a curious, pattern breaking, empathetic vibe.