The Very Happy Caterpillar
Ernio Hernandez

The Very Happy Reader

I’m going to be telling my son that I knew you, Ernio Hernandez, back in the dirty nappy days. This will be said to him as we are sitting in row YY at the Savoy Theatre in the West End. Yeah, row YY – because your that famous and my claim to our friendship is that tenuous.

The play will be your second, but the first to make the West End – and I’ll only have found out about it because I heard you interviewed on Saturday Morning on BBC Radio 4. I don’t really listen to the programme that much – but like our now famous friendship – I like to say I do.

Anyway, can you remember to leave me those tickets at Will Call just after the 1,000 show and your radio interview? Just put my Medium profile in Pocket or Evernote…

If you forget, no worries, I’ll still tell my son the same story while taking a break from one of your books that got turned into a brilliant and lucrative indie film. Sorry, I’ll be watching the film on Netflix because I always read the book first.

This is no joke.

This is my way of saying thank you for sharing your art with me, err, I mean us.