Enough of it. Truce please. Let me say, in a Todd Hannula way, Peace.
Mrinal Bose

Christmas Day Truce, WWI (source)


I wish it were easy. But, we can’t call for a truce. We can ask. But, I don’t think we need one. Yes, our feeds are being filled with stories of men behaving very badly, even wickedly. This is not because Kel Campbell and others are busy writing about it. It’s because so many men are behaving badly. Is this most men? No. Is it too many? Yes.

Given our exchanges to date, I think I know a little about you Mrinal, you seem like a kind and curious person, so I am confident that you are simply asking for peace, hoping we can focus our energy on the positive things happening around the world.

That’s cool, and I also want to focus on the positive things.

However, you and I know we’re all better off when women (and sometimes men) are encouraged to and do speak out about the subtle, the outrageous, and even the subliminal ways in which men make their lives uncomfortable, seriously difficult, and sometimes unfathomably horrific.

Let’s not call for a truce, but rather — let’s keep supporting these writers, sharing the lessons we learn with our friends and family. If I get exhausted from so many exchanges — I’m going to push myself back from the screen and pause. I’m going to think about the root cause of all of this writing by Kel and Ellie Guzman and so many others.

When you and I pause, we will be reminded that we have tons of work to do to make these posts unnecessary. We will realise our pausing is just a break, an interlude, providing us the energy to help create a culture where men behaving badly, even horrifically, is a mental health issue — not just the way it is.