Should Women and Minorities shut up about diversity?

White Dudes Are the Problem

Holy Crap. It’s worse than I imagined.

The needle is never going to move until dudes get off their lazy dumb asses, dump their massive egos, and actively seek out diversity to fill their worlds. The data shows diversity is more profitable. That is their language, yet nothing changes. Racism. Unadulterated racism.

I hear the following, all too often…

Shhhh. Calm down, it’s complicated Todd. We try to hire black people, but we just can’t find them — no funnel. Women are a problem, because they challenge our decision making — I’ve got a wife at home, I don’t need two. Todd, look, we’re trying — give us credit for trying. I mean, really, do you want us to practice positive discrimination? Would that be fair for white guys, they didn’t do anything wrong?

Fair. For. White. Guys. WTF?!

With this kind of mentality, it’s no wonder minorities and women are sucking air.

White dudes are the hair clogging society’s pipes.

Ironically, the masters of the universe believe in distributed networks…just not human ones.