Stepping Into Uncertainty, Alone
Sean Howard


It’s the question that gets at the heart of everything. It’s never the question people ask when there’s a chance their own beliefs may be challenged. Sure, lots of people spit out the word like a sudden cough, but they rarely wait for the answer before loading all their own beliefs and fears onto you with more pointed questions.

The answer to Why? might shake our foundations — people want to be reassured, not shaken. Interestingly, I find the shaken up bit is the very thing that makes me feel alive.

I still put the crap questions out there every once in awhile, but I’ve found that being curious about what the other person is doing is far more interesting than hoping they justify my preconceived notions of how life works.

Thanks for making me see this truth, again.

This story had me laughing and almost crying with joy.

What a friend you have! Keep him close.