Aldrin is on the couch playing Animal Crossing and starts creating a new player in his second town. He can only play in this new town because he bought his own extra memory card with allowance money. His first town is called LegoCity and the new extra memory card town is called SegoCity. In the new town there are free spaces where new players can live. Aldrin wanted to make another character. Who doesn’t want a handy Alt for a good game?

When starting a new character you pick the name by which the player will be addressed. A keyboard pops up.

Aldrin can read a lot of words. We do a lot of reading at bed time. However, spelling out and entering words into the weird kid game keyboard is still a daunting task for him without assistance. While Abigail and I were talking dinner plans in the kitchen, he called out.

“What does it say!”

He asked, a common refrain. I read the screen’s text aloud to him.

“Hey there. Is your name wert? What a weird name!”

I looked at Abigail. She looked at me. Aww! He entered his own player name. He picked it out himself! Isn’t he smart, amazing, and wonderful? Sure he didn’t capitalize wert, but that’s OK.

Only image of the GameCube keyboard I could find handily

Abigail realized shortly thereafter that wert is in the Qwerty progression.

Google Search Definition

So… wert was just really easy to enter on the game controller.

Aldrin is still smart, amazing, wonderful, and like me a bit lazy. But that is OK. I promise to make my next character in SegoCity be named sdfg.

sdfg will send letters with presents to wert telling him how much we love him.