THINK: The Things That Matter in Marketing for Wednesday, July 27, 2016.

Seabass Creatives

1/The newsletter is back.

Most stuff you thought was relegated to the digital trash heap of the early 2000s — banner ads, CTRs, — are still dead, but if there’s one thing that’s thriving it’s e-newsletters. I run one for CakeWorks, covering video news, every Monday (you should sign up!). Washington Post does 75 newsletters! More from Digiday.

2/Twitter embraces video — but hasn’t got it all figured out just yet.

Yahoo tried this too…. It’s not that video is hard, it just has to be done right — great content, a plan for lots of views (distribution), and monetization, plus the tech that runs it all. Stay tuned. Twitter’s made some smart moves though — sports + live streaming is a natural fit.

Alanis doesn’t have it all figured out just yet.

3/Publishers want to be ad agencies.

You notice all these publishers opening “Brand Studios”? Vice, New York Times, BuzzFeed. Well, that’s to create original content that agencies aren’t creating for brands. Not to mention, an alternative revenue stream beyond running ads. Great agencies are paying attention to this significant trend. More from The New York Times.

4/ Live is the only thing Facebook cares about.

Well, not the ONLY thing…Facebook is paying $2.2 million to a bunch of creators to do live broadcasts. It’s land-grab time, and not only should Twitter’s Periscope be on the edge of its seat, but so should all the linear broadcasters. Just another thing eating away at view time… More from Tubefilter.

My goal is to publish this weekly! Hit the heart, and let me know what you want to hear about. #embracethenext

Todd Lombardo advises Fortune 500 companies and world famous brands on embracing digital media. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter. He is the head of marketing at CakeWorks Video.