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The deeper I go into this the more convinced I am that we are killing them with inaction.

Douglas Murray discusses this same problematic issue in his new book The Strange Death of Europe in a chapter called ‘Tiredness.’ Even though he focuses completely on the complete hypocrisy of criticism of Islam in most of the book, he makes heavy note that…

“Europe had lost its foundation story. And the loss of religion to Europe did not just leave a hole in the moral or ethical outlooks of a continent, it even left a hole in its geography.”

Essentially how I read it is people with no unifying idea have no desire to save what might at one time have been considered their ‘in-group’, their brethren, their extended family. Even in the face of genocide, ‘oh, they’re are just Afrikaners’ — Also the sense of guilt in the West, you have masochists going, ‘we deserve it because of our past.’ It is an extraordinarily disturbing death knell of Western civilization that I myself will not take part in.