How to make your life go viral

Most people think about virality as an external process, where a single thing gets shared among larger and larger groups of people.

But what if you could make the trajectory of your life go viral?

You can, if you have the right mindset.

Take my most recent Kickstarter project for Expedition. It’s just an expansion pack to the original game but, halfway through, it’s already beaten the funding amount for the original game:

Graph from

Which is incredibly exciting — but if you think about this from the viral life standpoint, this is just the beginning. Sure, we’ve done a Kickstarter that’s over 300% funded. But what have we really done?

  • We’ve learned skills for building bleeding-edge technology and rapidly growing a business.
  • We’ve built a dedicated fan base that knows that we create high quality products and care about our customers.
  • We’ve created a confidence signal to future potential business partners, investors and customers that we create great things.

And that’s the value of the viral mindset — starting small, but building with the end in mind.

Exploding Kittens didn’t raise $8,000,000 on Kickstarter overnight. They raised it because they spent years growing their skills, growing their fan base, and creating ever-greater online content with their resources (see: The Oatmeal).

Even if each project you do is only twice as successful as the last (which is very achievable), it takes just 8 great projects to go from a $30,000 Kickstarter to an $8,000,000 Kickstarter.

So what will your next project be?