UPDATE: This Investment Opportunity is now closed — no new investments are being accepted.

Invest in a Brooklyn property, with Dai, and receive an expected yield of 13.24%, also in Dai.

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Today we are pleased to introduce a first-of-its-kind investment opportunity. FACTOR-805 is the first real-world asset that can be tokenized and have distributions paid in Dai or fiat.

FACTOR-805 is groundbreaking because we are integrating Dai, the decentralized stablecoin from MakerDAO, into various parts of the security token process: we will accept Dai from investors, and will give investors the option to receive interest payments in Dai. …

A liquidity-optimized framework for tokenizing private placement real estate securities

As a programmer who wrote code on Wall Street for many years, I can attest to the complicated nature of financial instruments and that there are a wide range of investment services that have not evolved in a long time.

The inefficiencies are solvable.

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Private placements require a tremendous amount of work for issuers and investors, thus these placements tend to be bought but not sold. Underwriting methodologies, legal structure, financial savvy and experience vary widely by platform — and it is up to the individual investor to analyze these…

Todd M. Lippiatt

CEO & Co-founder @ Factora, CS @ Brown

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