The Top Three Problems With Getting Things Done®
Ken Fleisher

Eesh…have you been following me? I completed your survey…why not!? It IS hard. Seems to be a shared characteristic of modern things worth pursuing. Fitness, as an outcome, like mind like water, was mostly a default of more physically demanding work and life. We have options now…work for hours in a field with arse in the air and hands in the dirt, or deadlift. Or both! Cool. I cringe a bit at the bifurcation of mental and physical health but it simplifies, in theory, and speeds things up some as an operational definition (a la Marshall Goldsmith). I’ve not found anything better for my overall sense of well-being than long walks in nature, lifting heavy stuff, and GTD. I’m hoping the subjective sense I get when doing all this has a correspondingly positive objective metric…serrontin and cortisal levels, happy adrenal gland etc. If not, I’ll keep plugging away. It’s hard and worth it.

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