Brain Hemorrhage Ends Pilot’s Career So He Lives Out His Dream On A Sailboat — Sailing Doodles

Bobby White had an 18 year career going as a pilot flying corporate jets all over the world. He was livin’ the dream when one day he woke up with a horrible headache. That headache was actually a brain hemorrhage which forced him to surrender his pilot’s license. His career and way of life ended just like that.

Instead of feeling sorry for himself he sold everything he owned and bought a sailboat to embark on another one of his dreams of sailing the oceans.

“You will never be ready. Just set a date and make it happen.”

Listen to Bobby and Megan’s story on episode #58.

Just one year ago, him and his friend Megan and their two Labradoodles jumped on that boat, sailed out of Galveston and started filming their journey and they’ve gone from zero to over 40,000 YouTube subscribers and now racking up over a million and a half views per month and along the way they are inspiring others to pursue dreams of their own.

In this episode we discuss…

Life as a corporate pilot.

What lead up to the brain hemorrhage.

What were his plans after surrendering his pilot’s license.

How he convinced Megan to jump on board.

How he felt sailing out of Galveston on their own.

How they built their YouTube channel to over 40,000 subscribers and 1.5 million monthly views in less than 1 year.

What have been the most difficult parts of keeping the sailboat going.

Maintenance Monday and all of the things that break on the sailboat.

Bobby, Megan, Goose and Maverick will have you asking yourself. Are you ready? The answer will always be no and if you keep using that as an excuse, you will never take the leap.

Show Notes

Check out their videos on YouTube

Inspired by: Sailing La Vagabonde, MJ Sailing and ByWayoftheSea

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