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This is a story of an average family of 4 that sold everything, bought a boat and went to sea for a complete family and lifestyle change. I speak with Justin and Emmy Brown originally from Philadelphia and parents to two young kids. 2 years ago they were living the normal life working a ton of hours each week, never seeing each other, had a baby sitter to help shuffle the kids and it all came together one night when they had a much needed ‘date night’.

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They asked each other the simple question.

“Are you all together happy?”

Both of their answers, no.

Over the next 60 days they sold their house, bought a sail boat and moved the family on-board.

I catch up to them from Merrit Island, Florida were they give me a behind the scenes view of what it’s really like and the immense challenges, the extreme emotional situations as Justin put it, that they’ve gone through over the last 2 years raising a family of four on a 200 square foot boat.

In this episode we cover…

How they worked themselves into the typical, adult and parent rabbit hole and where they were headed if they didn’t pull the ripcord.

How they sold everything and boarded their new boat in 60 days for a massive lifestyle change.

Why the boat almost sank…twice.

The immense challenges that they’ve overcome to continue their dream of living a different life.

The financial side of living on a boat.

How important each person’s role is to make sure everything is taken care of.

How they intend on monetizing their journey.

Towards the end Justin shares the financial side of their decision. When he’s asked how much money does it take to live on a boat. His answer, all of it.

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