From Homeless in New York to Global Podcast Ninja in Thailand — Anthony Rigogliosi

Anthony Rigogliosi, Founder of Podcast Ninja, went from being homeless and living out of his car in New York to becoming a global podcast ninja. It began when he was a manager at Best Buy but went through a few massive changes in his personal life when he found himself homeless.

He shares his struggles with alcohol, cookie dough and the realization that his decisions had gotten him into this so it was up to him to start making different decisions to get different results.

“I have an opportunity of a lifetime that I have to take.”

A defining moment was when he read the book The 4-Hour Work Week. He also started embracing the simplicity of the minimalist lifestyle and not having a lot of material possessions weighing him down. He then wrote down on a piece of paper, Thailand, and developed a plan to pursue a new life living overseas.

Listen to Anthony’s incredible reinvention on podcast episode #43

In this episode we discuss…

  • Working at Best Buy during the day, working overnights at Target.
  • Sleeping in his car in the parking lot.
  • Reading The 4-Hour Work Week.
  • Writing down on a piece of paper one word, Thailand.
  • Writing on his exit paperwork from Best Buy, “I have the opportunity of a lifetime and I have to take it.”
  • Buying a one-way ticket with a backpack and bicycle.
  • Travel and explore to regain his piece.
  • His first impression of Chang Mai when he landed.
  • Conquering his fear after exploding his comfort zone.
  • Biking over 2,000 kilometers across Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.
  • Running his savings down to $300.
  • Teaching English to people in China.
  • Getting from Hanoi, Vietnam to Chang Mai, Thailand on his last $300.
  • $600 internship learning about podcast production for JohnnyFD.
  • Learning about Affiliate Marketing and making money online.
  • Starting his podcast production company, Podcast Ninja, to help other podcasters launch and produce their shows.

His nomad life was more expensive than he had planned for and he soon found himself out of money when a timely call came from an established podcaster in Chang Mai, Thailand that was looking for an intern. That was the break that Anthony needed. He headed to Chang Mai that would lead to his new career as an entrepreneur and Podcast Ninja helping others launch and build podcasts.

“Follow your heart and follow your dreams, and watch the world conspire to support you.”

If you have ever thought, I hate my life but I don’t know what to do, you are not alone but Anthony proves that you do have the power to change your life and it just starts with a simple plan…Thailand.

Show Notes

LinkedIn @anthonyrigogliosi

Digital Nomad and location independent entrepreneur, JohnnyFD

Teach English for $10/hour: NiceTalk

The Book that sent Anthony on the path of a digital nomad: The 4-Hour Work Week

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