Massive Layoff Turned This Sales Guy into a Podcaster and Raconteur — Thom Singer

If you’ve ever been let go from a job and walked out the door wondering, oh man what am I going to do now, Thom’s been there. On April 1st, 2009 he was caught in a not-so-funny April Fools Reality when 50% of the employees at his company were laid off and he was one of them. The recession had hit and he called his wife that day and said, “Honey, I’m out of a job.”

Thom Singer jumps on the Go Hunt Life podcast.

He used this turn of events to pursue a dream. A dream of being a Professional Speaker and added in being a Professional Podcaster.

“If you ever feel like you are in a rut, go interview 50 successful people.”

His profession is a unique one to say the least. Walk into a company conference where everyone there knows each other and be the Master of Ceremonies, the Conference Catalyst and the life of the party. He brings enthusiasm, wit and humor to events from 12 people to thousands and he’s proven since that fateful day on April 1st, he’s pretty good at it.

We discuss his journey to being a professional speaker and his recommendations to others that have been laid off or want to quit their career to follow a completely new path.

The conversation is full of takeaways including…

  • If you ever feel like you are in a rut, go interview 50 successful people.
  • Be gutsier and care less about what anyone else thinks.
  • The paradox of potential.
  • The turning point of professional speaking when you hit your 300th speech.
  • What happens when you are giving a speech to thousands of people and the power goes out.
  • Writers write and speakers speak. If you want to be a Professional Speaker, then go speak.
  • The relation between his career choice and Sisyphus that said, “I wake up every day and the rock is at the bottom of the hill.”

Thom is also a successful podcaster and host of Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do and he shares how his career totally changed after he interviewed 200 successful people.

Here is my conversation with the storyteller and Raconteur..

Show Notes

Instagram, Twitter and YouTube @ThomSinger

Facebook @ThomSingerSpeaker

National Speakers Association

Mentioned in the episode: Gary Vaynerchuk, Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas


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