Michigan Couple Sells Everything to Sail the World — Jessica Johnson

Matt and Jessica Johnson, Ripcorders and life hunters from Grand Rapids Michigan, had normal lives, with normal jobs living the normal life. They dated, then they got married, they bought a house, they went to work, Matt a sales manager at a Toyota dealership and Jessica was a customer service rep. They came home from work, they shoveled snow in the winter, a lot of snow in the winter, and then something changed.

They learned how to sail a boat in the few summer months on Lake Michigan. The inspiration took hold, they sold everything they owned and got on their sailboat with $100K in savings to hit the Caribbean islands for a year of sailing and self-discovery. That was 4 years ago and they are still going.

Listen to Jessica explain what they left behind, what their lives are now and where they are headed next.

They’ve hit 16 countries throughout the Caribbean islands, Central America and even crossed the Atlantic in a 34 foot sailboat stopping in Bermuda and then on to Portugal. While in Portugal, they bought a 37 foot sailboat online back in Florida so they had to cross back over the Atlantic to get to the next step on their journey.

I catch up to Jessica from Indian Town, Florida where they are completely rehabbing a 37 foot sailboat that was built in 1983 and had been in storage for the last 8 years.

In this podcast episode we cover…

What their normal lives were and what they were in search of.

How they were, and are, making $100K last.

How they learned to sail from Michigan and on the fly down the east coast of the US.

Crossing the Atlantic in 46 days and back in 28.

Being featured on the Today Show and what’s changed since then.

Starting a YouTube channel that’s quickly gained over 7,000 subscribers.

How they are monetizing their journey.

Their story is one of self-discovery love. Love of the journey and the love of sharing it with each other.

Enjoy their story and buy them a beer. Link below. Come on! Buy them a freaking beer. These two are badasses and deserve it.

Show Notes

Buy Matt and Jessica a beer would ya!

Website: MJSailing.com

Matt and Jessica on Facebook @MattandJessicaSailing

Twitter: @jjohnson1049

YouTube: @MJSailing

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