Narrowly Escaping Dubai Debt Jail Broke But Not Broken — Nat and Jodie

What would you do if you were down to your last $300, had no savings and no income trapped in a foreign country?

Nat Smith and Jodie Thompson had visions of success when they moved to Dubai to start a new life together. They were two women in their 40s in their first same-sex relationship having just left their comfortable, old lives in Australia pursuing a new lifestyle in Dubai built around entrepreneurship, adventure and new beginnings. It didn’t go as planned.

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“You are put in jail for not being able to pay your debts but with no way to pay them since you are behind bars. It was terrifying.”

In this episode we discuss…

Leaving the comforts of home in Australia in their first same-sex relationship in their 40s.

Putting down $40,000 to start a business and signing a 12 month lease…an UNBREAKABLE lease.

Having their Dubai business partner bail on them in the first 3 months.

Liquidating everything and narrowly avoiding being imprisoned in debt jail.

Escaping the country with only $300 but determined to not go back home.

Turning to house sitting as an option to regroup and rebuild their income.

Celebrating when $25 was deposited into their Paypal account.

Living in million dollar mansions throughout the world.

Building an online business around the house sitting community.

Using their web design and online marketing expertise to build click funnels to drive traffic and leads.

4 years of location independent entrepreneurship.

Show Notes

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