Single Mom Quits Sales Job to Fight Cyber Stalking — Janel Maitland

Janel Maitland was a sales executive in the corporate world with two young daughters when she bought her 11 year old an iPhone. That’s when the scary stuff started happening. He daughter downloaded Instagram and the creepy Cyber Stalking began. This catapulted Janel into the cyper stalking world where ‘42% of teens with technology access reported that they were ‘cyberbullied’ in the past year, with 20% of them contemplating suicide.’

Podcast Episode 011 Here

Janel went on a rampage to combat this tragedy by founding MYLO Groups, a secure group messaging app for teenagers that is monitored by parents. She was working her real job during the day and her evenings and weekends were filled up with getting her app developed and raising her two daughters all of this while being a single mom.

What she found in creating an app company, without being able to write a single line of code herself, is that she needed venture capital to scale her business. Once she secured her first round of funding, she pulled the ripcord on her sales executive job and officially became a Technology Entrepreneur.

Janel Maitland “Runs Fast and Hard” in this podcast episode where we discuss…

  • The moment she realized that her daughter was being followed by creepy strangers on Instagram.
  • Creating a group messaging app to combat cyber stalking without being able to write a single line of code.
  • How her experience in sales conditioned her to take the infinite number of ‘Nos’ to get to that one ‘Yes’.
  • How she bootstrapped her startup for the first year and a half until she secured her first round of venture capital.
  • Quitting her corporate sales job.
  • How she meticulously projected out how much seed money she needed and was off by over 10 times.
  • Which audience segment adopted the app quicker than the teen market.
  • Re-branding and relaunching a startup.
  • Seeking series B funding.

Show Notes

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